Black Historical Hats

Renaissance Elizabethan Hats


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Beautiful Black Tiny Riding Hat with Emu Feathers

Black Victorian Hat with Feathers


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Black Tiny Riding Hat with Cockerel Plume

Black Victorian Hat


Black Tiny Riding Hat with Black Plume and Spotted Net

Black Victorian Hat 




Black Small Riding Hat with Dotted Net

Black Riding Hat



Black Velveteen Tiny Riding Hat with Pressed Metal Accent

Gothic Ridng Hat



Black Net Tiny Riding HatPhotobucket



Black Tiny Riding Hat with Spotted Net and Feather Spike



Gothic Style Black Tiny Riding Hat

victorian hat, riding hat



Medieval Gold and Black Cap Hat with Bell Chains

Medieval hat



Black Satin Riding Hat with Spotted Net


Medieval Style Hat Circa 1510
Medieval Hat


 Black and Silver Heavily Trimmed Medieval Style Hat
Medieval Hat


Victorian Tiny Riding Hat with Net

Victorian Riding Hat


Renaissance Black and Gold Attifet with Feathers and Floral Accent

Elizabethan Hat


Beautiful Renaissance Balzo Hat




Renaissance German Style Hat of Black and Silver
German Hats

Price: $95.00

Renaissance Black Gwenivere Hat

Princess Hat
Price: $40.00

Renaissance Black and Gold Attifet with Fleur de Lys


Black Velveteen Victorian Riding Hat

Gothic hat
Price: $150.00


Elizabethan Lovely Black Satin and Gold Tall Englishe Hat

Tall English Hat

Black Satin Colonial Style Riding Hat with Golden Motif

Victorian Hat



Medieval Black and Silver Templar Hat
Medieval Hat

Item Name: Medieval Black and Silver Templar Hat
Item Number: 103
Price: $60.00


Black and Gold Medieval Style Cap with Veil

Medieval Hat

Price: $50.00


Victorian Tiny Black Chamois Riding Hat with Satin Veil

Victorian Riding Hat

Price: $250.00




Top Hat with Cover Veil

Gothic Mourning Hat

Price: $45.00

Renaissance Black Elizabethan Attifet with Gold Whimsical Flowers

Costplay hat



Renaissance Black and Gold Attifet with Smoke Coloured Stones Accent

Gothic Hats

Price: $150.00


Renaissance Black and Gold Elizabethan Attifet

theatre costume hat



Black Velvet and Gold Medieval Templar Hat with Tasseled Liripee

Medieval Hat



 Renaissance Black Velveteen French Hood with Rows of Pearls
French Hood

Price: $250.00

Medieval Style Costume Templar Hat with Gold Braid

Medieval Templar hat

Item Number: c285
Price: $160.00

Costume Templar with Wide Gold Brocade Ribbon

Medieval Hat

Item Number: 103
Price: $100.00

Renaissance Black and Silver Princess Gwenivere Hat

Princess hat
Price: $40.00



High Italian Renaissance Hat with Pearls

Price: $90.00



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