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How to make a French Hood from a sun visorHow to make a French Hood from a sun visorHow to make a French Hood from a sun visorHow to make a French Hood from a sun visorHow to make a French Hood from a sun visor

What you need:

 1. Sun Visor

2. Trim- 19 Inches or 48 CMS. Long. Width  up to 3 CMS.

3.      Piece of fabric for veiling. 31 inches or 79 CMS square.

4. Needle and thread.

5. Craft glue or glue gun.

  1. Making the veil.

Cut your fabric to a 31 inch or 79 cms square




  1. Take your needle and thread and make long stiches along one edge.

Leave long tails at each end.

 Pin the center of the veil here

Fold the stitched end of the fabric in two to find the center. Pin this center to the inside center of the band of the base. (see picture right) Now gently pull one end of the thread and pull the other end to create soft gathers. This edge should fit within the band of the base. Pin down the ends of fabric to the ends of the base. Ease fabric to fit.

Glue veil in place here

  1. Glue this gathered edge onto the inside edge of the base.

  1. Flip the base over. Pull the veil over to the outside

 Glue trim in place

  1. Smooth out veiling evenly to cover the base.  Beginning at one end glue your trim down along the bottom of the brim of the base. Making sure the veiling is distributed evenly as you go. (see picture bottom)

  1. Allow to dry.

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