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Madeleine Vionnet By Betty Kirke,Foreword by Issey Miyake

Madeleine Vionnet Book

ISBN: 0811819973


Item Name: Madeleine Vionnet Gift Wrapped
Item Number: ISBN: 0811819973
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Hardcover Luxury Edition, A must have for anyone who loves art deco

Madeleine Vionnet (1876-1975) was the greatest dressmaker in the world, considered a genius for her innovations with difficult bias cut designs. Vionnet dressed the movie stars of the 1930s and invented new pattern-making techniques. This definitive study of an astonishing woman and her work contains 38 original patterns for Vionnet dresses. Over 400 illustrations.

 Back in print at last, with a ravishing new cover, Madeleine Vionnet is "not only the best book on Vionnet, but perhaps the best book ever on a fashion designer" ("Out). Madeleine Vionnet (1876-"1975) was the greatest dressmaker in the world. Considered a genius for her innovations with the bias cut--the most difficult and desirable cut in clothing design--she has a fanatical following. Vionnet was a maverick, her results spectacular. She dressed the stars of the '30s, invented new pattern-making techniques, and eschewed corsets for her models. Vionnet's dresses are virtually un-copiable and highly coveted by vintage clothing collectors. "Madeleine Vionnet is the definitive study of this venerated artist. Illustrated with more than 400 photographs, line drawings, and watercolors, it also includes 38 original patterns for Vionnet dresses. As the Art Deco Society of L.A.'s newsletter has said, anyone "interested in Art Deco or fashion must have this book."

Published: November 2005

2.57 cms H x 37.54 cms L x 27.31 cms W (2.09 kgs) 244 pages

Item Name: Madeleine Vionnet
Item Number: ISBN: 0811819973
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Dior by Laziz Hamani (Photographer), Bernard Arnault  (Preface),  Farid Chenoune

Dior Book

ISBN: 2759401626 


History of the iconic French couturier and design house. Oversize, luxury edition.

Dimentions: 5.08 cms H x 38.10 cms L x 30.48 cms W (5.01 kgs) 383 pages

Published: September 2007

Item Name: Dior
Item Number: ISBN: 2759401626
Price: $218.00

The Cut of Women's Clothes, 1600-1930 The Cut of Women's Clothes, 1600-1930

ISBN: 0878300260   

Item Name: The Cut of Women's Clothes, 1600-1930 Gift Wrapping
Item Number: ISBN: 0878300260
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Each period in the history of costume has produced its own characteristic line and silhouette, derived from a cut and construction which varies considerably from age to age. Here are patterns taken from actual dresses, many of them rare museum specimens, illustrated by sketches of the dresses. There are notes on the production of women's dress, with references to early technical books and journals, together with diagrams from some of them. Numerous illustrations show the dresses as worn complete with their hairstyles, jewelry, decorations and accessories.

Review Quotes:
"Most useful. . . Recommended."
-"Times Education Supplement
"Serious and beautifully illustrated."
"A definitive work. . . Highly recommended."
-"Library Journal
"Rewarding to anyone interested in the history of women as people."
-"Christian Science Monitor
"The method is impeccable, the presentation flawless and the information fascinating. The scaled cutting diagrams are readily useable."
-"Educational Theatre Journal

Dimentions: 2.79 cms H x 28.37 cms L x 22.73 cms W (1.28 kgs)

Item Name: The Cut of Women's Clothes, 1600-1930
Item Number: ISBN: 0878300260
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