5 tips on how to clean your closet

Fika Estella

5 tips on how to clean your closet

Jun 10, 2022, 03:16 pm
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5 tips on how to clean your closet
Clean and organize your closet by following these tips.

Are you someone who finds it difficult to search for your favorite jeans or top in your closet every time when you are in a hurry? It is because your closet is heavily cluttered and disorganized.

So, it’s time to take everything out, clean your closet and decide which pieces to keep and which to throw away.

Here are five closet cleaning tips.

Most of us feel lazy while thinking about closet cleaning, so it’s better to chalk out a plan and mark a date.

Set some time aside on your weekend when you don’t have any important work and mark the date in the calendar for your closet cleaning session.

Keep your phone away and play some music as you start with the cleaning process.

Take out everything and make a pile

Take out all the items from your closet including clothes, accessories, hangers, and shoes, and place them on the floor or bed.

The empty closet will allow you to see the space available.

You can try on the clothes to see what fits perfectly and do a thorough review of what you have and what you would genuinely need.

Dust and clean your closet

Dust and clean your closet properly while it’s empty.

Wipe the closet drawers, fixtures, and shelves using an electrostatic or microfiber cloth that picks up the dust quickly.

Use the vacuum on the closet floor or sweep and wash with a rag and warm water if your closet has hardwood flooring.

Keep the closet door open to allow fresh air to enter.

Decide what to keep and what to give away

Discard the outfits that don’t fit you properly or look unflattering. Items that are out of style should also be discarded.

You can donate the clothes that are still in a good condition but not worn by you to a charitable organization. You can also sell clothes or accessories through online websites.

Keep the clothes you genuinely need and that suit your style.

Organize the clothes you keep

Once you know what you are going to keep, start putting them back.

Hang all the delicate and expensive clothing on slim coordinating hangers to prevent wrinkles.

You can fold t-shirts, pants, and tops by grouping the items by color.

Keep your athletic and daily wear clothes in the front of your closet since you would need them every day.


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