5 Trending Instagram Bedroom Looks

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Are you ready to rebel against the cold midcentury modern look and add some cozy, nostalgic vibes to your home? We’ve got you if you’re ready to take the plunge into the latest style trend known as “grandmillennial” (aka granny chic).

This week’s trending looks on Instagram feature plenty of inspiration for your first foray into the hallmarks of granny-style decor—from floral pillow bolsters to wallpaper worthy of a museum expo to retro wicker.

So if you’ve been looking for a way to upgrade your bedroom with some of the freshest eclectic vibes available—keep reading. Here are five grandmillenial bedroom looks you’ll want to steal for your inner sanctum this week.

1. Bed curtains

Who says you have to be royalty to rock bed curtains? Certainly not @schefferinteriors, which has brought a whole new sense of luxury and privacy into the bedroom decor scene.

“I’m all about the eclectic traditional style in home decor lately—the bolder, the better,” says Jaime D. Huffman of The Charleston Blonde. “And this bedroom decor exemplifies the style wonderfully, with dark walls, vintage furniture, and these dramatic bed curtains. Bed curtains evoke a feeling of long-past history, one you might see in queens’ chambers in Elizabethan times.”

Get the look: Transform your bedroom into a chamber worthy of royalty by adding this set of canopy bed curtains.

2. Floral pillow bolster

An essential staple in any grandmillennial bedroom is the abundance of florals. And one of our favorite ways to introduce a decor bouquet is with a variety of pillows—particularly the beloved vintage bolster pillow like we see in this romantic cottage bedroom from @malthousecottage.

“Pattern on pattern continues to make waves in bedroom designs,” says Devin Shaffer, lead interior designer of Decorilla. “Floral patterns have been around for centuries and help soften the sharp lines of dressers and nightstands. The shape of bolster pillows brings immediate visual interest and, when paired with patterns, brings the ultimate style boost.”

Get the look: Make a foray into florals with this Salutation floral bolster pillow.

3. Watercolor wallpaper

For those looking to put the “grand” in “grandmillennial”—and make a statement that truly remakes your bedroom decor—consider this watercolor wallpaper from @emmahayestextiles.

“We’re loving all the latest wallpaper applications and how they take the drama of accent walls to an entirely new level,” says Shaffer. “Watercolor murals work great on wallpaper, as they can easily be exaggerated in scale yet stay subtle in style. Rather than buying rolls of watercolor-themed wallpaper, we advise doing a mural that is cut to fit—this will help avoid seams and peeling, which are obvious on larger, muted motifs.”

Get the look: Find the perfect watercolor mural for your bedroom by shopping the collection at Wallmur.

4. Wicker reading lamp

Sometimes the best decor upgrades are in the details. And subtle though it may be, this wicker reading lamp from @hartley_home adds just the right bit of grandmillennial romance and old-world charm.

“Reading lamps are a functional addition to a bedroom, and these wicker sconces do it in style,” says Huffman. “Opting for a sconce frees up space on the bedside table and gives the room a more luxurious feel, almost like a hotel or quaint bed-and-breakfast. In addition, the wicker shades add great texture to the room, and the color is a lovely neutral that would fit well in any space.”

Get the look: Give your room some old-world charm (not to mention better light for late-night binge-reading) with this Barnes and Ivy wall lamp.

5. Eclectic bedspread

More is better when it comes to grandmillennial looks. And if you want to add a bit more drama to your space after all of these recommendations, consider a patchwork bedspread like this one from @veganneke_eclectic_living.

“Eclectic bedspreads, especially those with such an exotic look, take me to a very personal space, both mentally and emotionally,” says Shaffer. “People don’t want their beds to remind them of anything or anywhere else. They long for an escape—and eclectic patterns do just that.”

Get the look: Make your bedroom uniquely yours with a one-of-a-kind Kantha quilt from Etsy.

The Chicest ‘Grandmillennial’ Design: 5 Trending Instagram Bedroom Looks We Love

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