Animal Crossing Player Designs World’s Worst Bathroom

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A devilishly creative Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has designed the world’s worst bathroom, filled to the brim with giant Spider Crabs.

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player shared their terrifying bathroom design online this week, and it’s creeping out many players. A favorite activity for many Animal Crossing players is room design, whether it’s simply creating the home of their dreams or the recreation of a room from their favorite movie or television show. However, other players delight in challenging themselves to make the most unpleasant room designs they can think of.

Design is a big part of what makes Animal Crossing: New Horizons special for many players. The latest entry in the series has provided players with a myriad of new ways to decorate rooms, giving fans more custom pattern slots and furniture, as well as things like partition walls and counters with the game’s Happy Home Paradise DLC. Players can even display fish and bugs they’ve caught in their home, which generally appear in aquariums or terrariums. The Animal Crossing deep sea diving update which released in summer of 2020, added the ability to decorate with new creatures, many of which, like crabs and seaweed, aren’t displayed with enclosures.


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Reddit user bryce_13 shared their deeply unsettling bathroom design this week, both amusing and horrifying players. The bathroom is very plain, with the main focus being on the five enormous Spider Crabs that fill almost the entire room. Just as unsettling as their arachnid counterparts, the giant crabs surrounding the player are unnerving on a visceral level. The rest of the bathroom is not free of smaller horrors, either – although the bathroom does offer three different facilities, the towel rack has been placed entirely out of reach, and there is also nowhere for a theoretical user to wash their hands.

It’s always entertaining to see the creative ways Animal Crossing players manage to create horrors within such a cute video game. There are truly no limits to design in the title, allowing players to explore both their good and bad sides when it comes to decor. The player has made excellent use of the game’s deep sea creature, a decorating idea that often goes overlooked by many fans when it comes to furnishing their home. Although this particular player build wasn’t made to terrorize another villager, it’s still unsettling – although hilarious – for most players to imagine being inside the crab-infested bathroom, let alone using it.

Although Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out since 2020, fans of the series are still frequently sharing their creations online. Making unique builds in Animal Crossing remains a popular activity for many because of the sheer freedom they have to construct whatever they’d like in seemingly infinite combinations. Whether it’s creating a beautiful home or a terrifying one, creative control keeps many Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans hooked even two years later.

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Source: bryce_13/Reddit

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