Spruce Up Your Relationships With These Spring Cleaning Tips

Fika Estella

Spring is a time when we reorganize our homes and declutter our spaces. Relationship Expert, Love McPherson, is here to show us how we can do spring cleaning in our relationships too.

1. STORAGE AREA: Decluttering Your Thoughts Your thoughts can directly affect your relationship. Storing unforgiveness, focusing on your mate’s flaws, or comparing your relationship with others can lead to discontentment and disconnection. Reorganize your head space by focusing on gratitude and healing old wounds. Tell your mate at least 4x weekly why you appreciate them.

2. GARDEN: Pay attention to what you’re sowing and reaping Make sure you’re not constantly sowing your time, money and attention into others and not sowing anything into yourself. Self-love and self-care should be a staple in your garden. Also, make sure you’re not sowing into people who have no intention of producing you a harvest. Don’t waste your time or energy trying to grow a healthy relationship in dead soil.

3. CLOSET: Getting rid of everything that no longer fits They say that you teach people how to treat you. When you teach the wrong lessons, you end up enabling toxic relationships. It’s never too late to throw out the old messages and enforce some new ones. Focus on creating healthy boundaries, unapologetically say no, and correcting people when they cross the line. Stop people pleasing to get people to like you. The new healed version of you desires mutual respect. Anyone who doesn’t follow that pattern just won’t fit.

4. WINDOWS: Wash your windows to see things clearly. Trauma distorts how you see yourself and others. It’s important that you do the work to heal those traumas and silence your lying inner critic. Use positive self-talk to silence your inner critic. Practice radical self-acceptance, and then open your heart to allow a fresh breeze of love to flow in for yourself and others.

5. BEDROOM: Getting the Dust off your Intimacy Use spring as an opportunity to spice it up with your mate. Commit to dating and doing things that are fun. Don’t use the mealtime for a gripe session. Put down your technology and limit discussion about kids. Ask your mate questions that you’ve never asked them before. Flirt with them, compliment them, and go the extra mile to make the intimacy special.

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