Best spring cleaning tips & TikTok hacks yet

Fika Estella

April 06, 2022 – 13:38 BST Jayne Walsh Ready to do some spring cleaning? Top tips to get your home looking clean and tidy and organised from top to bottom. From TikTok spring cleaning hacks to cost-effective, affordable and eco-friendly spring cleaning expert tips everyone should know. The […]

20 Smart Spring Cleaning Tips for a Spotless Home

Fika Estella An incredible 92 percent of Americans are considering what they can do to make their spring cleaning practices friendlier to the environment and healthier for their families. As consumers become more aware of toxic, synthetic chemicals in conventional cleaning products—and just how much waste can go into cleaning a […]

Spring Cleaning Tips: The Mind Edition

Fika Estella

Every year, spring creeps up on us. And every year, we decide to do a little cleaning to refresh the space around us—but what about clearing out our mental space so that our everyday life is just that much better? Our mental state—what we consume, read, listen to, watch, who […]