TikTok’s ‘Queen of Cleaning’ Vanesa Amaro Reveals 4 Products She Can’t Live Without

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If you clicked on this article, chances are you’ve spent many hours scrolling through cleaning videos on TikTok. And if you frequent the #CleanTok side of the app (the hashtag where TikTok’s cleaning influencers post their content), there’s one woman who probably has a resident spot on your For You Page — and who’s tips you’ve already used around your home: Vanesa Amaro, a.k.a. TikTok’s “Queen of Cleaning.”

Amaro is a housekeeper and cleaning expert based in Texas who started posting cleaning videos when the pandemic hit. Her household cleaning tips and tricks are so helpful and easy to replicate that her videos started going viral almost instantly. Fast forward a couple short years, and she’s one of the biggest cleaning influencers on the internet (at the time of writing, Amaro has 5.4 million followers on her English TikTok alone) and an official spokesperson for Clorox, one of the biggest cleaning companies in the world.

If you keep a dish brush in your shower for routine cleaning, you have Amaro to thank. She posted a video explaining the trick last spring, and it’s now racked up over 35 million views and become one of the post popular TikTok cleaning hacks.

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Naturally, we can’t get enough of viral TikTok finds, so we caught up with Amaro to hear from the queen herself on what we should be adding to our cart next. Read on for the four cleaning products that Amaro can’t live without, plus her tips on how to use them. Lucky for us, all of her favorite products are available to shop on Amazon.

Scrub Daddy Sponge Set

Scrub Daddy


“There are so many TikTok cleaning products, but one that really took over is Scrub Daddy sponges,” says Amaro. “The sponges have so many cool features, but the most important one is that it changes texture depending on your water temperature. No other sponge has that technology. When you use it with cold water, it becomes firm almost like a fiber so you can scrub things down.”

“When cleaning the oven, I use a Scrub Daddy in very cold water to scrape away crusty burnt-on food and grease. When you use it with warm or hot water it becomes soft, perfect for cleaning wine glasses, porcelain, or grandmother’s china. And whether it’s used with warm water and is super-soft or cold water and is super-coarse, it will never scratch.”

OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish Brush

Get ready for Amaro’s number one cleaning tip: “You should move a dish brush from your sink—the dispensing kind that you fill with soap—to your shower,” she says. “Fill it with the soap of your choice and a little bit of vinegar, and then you can clean your shower while showering. I don’t have any mold, hard water, grime, or mildew because I am constantly cleaning my shower every time I do a hair mask or am standing in the shower for a few minutes. I haven’t needed to deep clean in a couple months because there’s been no need for it. You don’t even have to worry about getting wet or dirty this way because you’re already in the shower. This is not just something that I recommend or talk about—there is a dish wand in my shower at home right now. This is one of the cleaning tricks that I absolutely swear by.”

Swiffer Dusters 6 ft. Heavy Duty Starter Kit



One of Amaro’s greatest pearls of cleaning wisdom is that “we don’t clean what we don’t see.” Whether that means it’s too high up to reach, or it’s on top of something, or it’s below something—if we can’t see it, we tend to not clean it, she says.

“When deep cleaning, I love to get to those things that I’m not always seeing with a Swiffer duster. They make a few different sizes and my favorite is definitely the 6-foot version because you can get to your ceiling, walls, light fixtures, ceiling fans, tops of cabinets, and all sorts of other hard-to-reach places.” (P.S. The Swiffer 6-foot Duster carries the Good Housekeeping Seal).”

Clorox Scentiva Multi-Surface Cleaner, 3-Pack

Amaro says that simplifying your cleaning routine is a surefire way to make cleaning more enjoyable. “Find a multi-surface cleaner that you love and clean a bunch of things with it. It makes cleaning so much easier: grab a couple towels, grab one cleaner, and you’re ready to tackle many different areas in your house at once. Don’t over-complicate things for yourself or your family,” she says.

“Clorox has a new line of Scentiva disinfecting cleaners which make cleaning so much more enjoyable because they don’t smell like a cleaner—and in the best possible way. I am a coconut girl and the Pacific Breeze & Coconut smells so good. It makes me feel like I’m in Bora Bora. Cleaning doesn’t have to be miserable or a hassle. Just put some music on, grab a cleaner that smells great, and have fun with it.”

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