Tour a remodeled Californian home full of vintage finds

Fika Estella

‘Design is a series of compromises,’ says Corine Maggio, and clever layout remodeling has resulted in the home she shares with her husband Beacher Schneider and their young son Shiloh becoming their dream home.

Their 1930s home in the San Francisco Bay Area, location of some of the world’s best homes, was bought in 2018, just a few weeks before Shiloh was born. Corine, founder of CM Natural Designs (opens in new tab), says she and Beacher initially thought it would be a starter home, ‘but we fell in love with the location, the light, the view and the yard so we started troubleshooting what would need to be done to make it our long term home,’ says Corine. ‘After a few rounds of space planning, it was clear that we could make it work, especially by adding a separate home office.’

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